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The Washington Hispanic. We're seen in all the right places.

Mechanical Requirements | Display Advertising Rates | Ad Submission Guidelines

In Washington, success lies in whom you know and where you go. So if you want to reach the city's powerful Latino market - now nearly 900,000 strong and growing rapidly - get acquainted with Washington Hispanic. A respected part of the community since 1994, Washington Hispanic is the key to reaching this largely untapped group of consumers with substantial, rising buying power.

Metro-area Hispanics rely on the paper to deliver international, national and local news each week in Spanish, their language of choice. Advertising in this independent, award-winning publication substantially increases the chances Hispanic consumers will buy your product - studies show that 94 percent of those who read Hispanic print media use the publication for shopping decisions.

So to increase your standing in the nation's capital, advertise in Washington Hispanic. And be seen in all the right places.

Widespread Audience

Washington Hispanic is the only independent Spanish-language newspaper serving Washington, D.C., and surrounding areas, home to nearly 750,000 Hispanics. The paper has a high profile throughout the metro area:

  • 192,000 estimated readers.
  • 55,000 copies printed each week-Friday. ABC audited.
  • 2,500 points of distribution in the District of Columbia, suburban Maryland, Northern Virginia and Baltimore.

Available in boxes at 88 Metro stations and 800 positions throughout the city.

  • Distribution is 55,000


Hispanic population in Washington D.C. 47,272*
Hispanic population in Virginia 319,303*
Hispanic population in Maryland 452,511*
Total Hispanic population 819,086*
* Source:U.S. Census Bureau Annual Estimated as July 1st., 2005

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Display Advertising Rates 2007 (Revised 01/2007)

Local National
OPEN RATE$40.00 OPEN RATE $43.00
400 inches $38.00 8 insertions $41.00
800 inches $36.00 16 insertions $39.00
1,000 inches $32.00 26 insertions $35.00
1,200 inches $30.00 52 insertions $33.00

Agency Commission
A 15% Agency commission is allowed to all recognized agencies.

Free Standing Inserts are 62.50 per thousand.

Prime Advertising Page Rates
For left or right center pages, add 15%.
For back cover page, add 20%.

Color Rates
2 colors $175.00
3-4 colors $500.00

Space reservations: Monday prior to publication day.
Camera ready: Wednesday prior to publication day.
Copy for proof: Tuesday prior to publication day.


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(Revised 05/2006)

R.O.P. Broadsheet
Live matter area 11" x 20" inches
(6 columns by 20" inches)
130 lines screen for halftones

Broadsheet Measurement - A section, Sports, Automotive
1 column 1.698"
2 columns 3.558"
3 columns 5.418"
4 columns 7.278"
5 columns 9.138"
6 columns 11"

Tabloid Measurement - Real Estate, Entertainment, Health, WSJ section
1 column 1.569"
2 columns 3.306"
3 columns 5.042"
4 columns 6.778"
5 columns 8.514"
6 columns 10.25"

Classified Broadsheet Measurement
1 column 1.272"
2 columns 2.661"
3 columns 4.051"
4 columns 5.441"
5 columns 6.831"
6 columns 8.22"
7 columns 9.61"
8 columns 11"

Quick price chart based on local open rate b/w:

Full page 6c. x 20" $4,800.00
1/2 page (horizontal) 6c. x 10" $2,400.00
1/2 page (vertical) 3c. x 20" $2,400.00
1/4 page (vertical) 3c. x 10" $1,200.00
1/4 page (horizontal) 6c. x 5" $1,200.00
1/8 page 3c. x 5" $600.00

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To ensure that your ad will be printed as you designed it, please follow these guidelines.

Please send electronic ads directly to ads@washingtonhispanic.com.


  • pdf - Portable Document Format (preferred)
  • tif
  • jpg
  • eps


  • QXD - Quark Xpress 6.0 or earlier for Mac
  • Make sure all images and fonts are included on the disk.

Washington Hispanic accepts CDs/DVDs.


Please send all camera-ready ads to this address:
Washington Hispanic
8455 Colesville Rd,
Suite 700
Silver Spring, M.D. 20910

Please contact us with any questions.
Phone: 202-667-8881
Fax: 202-667-8902

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